STUDIO – BELAMIONLINE FEATURING – JIM DURDEN, JAMIE ELIOT AND OLAF MORTENSEN If you thought Part 1 with Jim and Jamie was an intense encounter then wait till you watch Part 2. As in any great sequel, things just have to get better, hotter and of course sexier!If sex were a drug, we are sure that Jamie and Jim would be addicts, always needing more and more…and Olaf is the perfect partner to help them satisfy their needs as he’s an insatiable bottom in front of 2 insatiable tops!The fucking here is as wild and as intense as it gets and all 3 prove themselves as masters of pleasure, and…



    STUDIO – BALAMI ONLINE Our model of the week is of the strong, silent types and initially comes across as maybe being a bit of a challenge for Eliot to work with, but as soon as the preparations are done and the camera comes out his whole demeaner changes and he becomes the strong, sexy type with a disarming smile and eagerness to show off his well sculpted body.We also have a casting with Madden that you will find over in the ‘recommended content’ section, but this is the final thing that we did with him at BelAmiOnline.com



    STUDIO – BELAMIONLINE FEATURING – JIM DURDEN, JAMIE ELIOT AND OLAF MORTENSEN This week we have a special double feature that will remind everyone why they are members! BelAmi fan favorite, Jim Durden, is always a standout and that’s also the case in this incredible two part scene. After coming to BelAmi in 2018, every performance of Jim’s seems to improve on the previous one: Intense, sensual, animalistic, romantic (sometimes) but always natural and unforced.Today, he may have met his match with newcomer Jamie, whose own sexual appetite comes close to matching that of Jim’s. For both of these guys, sex is a sport where everyone wins including the viewers…


    Horny security guard sucks the sleeping Boss’s cock in “Don’t Wake The Boss 2”

    STUDIO – MEN AT PLAY FEATURING – ROCKY VALLARTA and TRENT KING The boss had a very busy night – and not with paperwork! In ‘iBreak – Trent King’, we watch the suited Mr. King “play” at his desk on a late Friday night. It’s now Saturday morning and Rocky Vallarta, the office security guard, walks into the boss’s office while on his rounds. It looks like the boss had a long evening of “work” and he finds him fast asleep on the couch. He notices a very obvious bulge and a dildo nearby. Should he wake him? Or should he have a quick feel? Rocky does not have the…


    Twink Jake falls for muscle daddy in “The Setup”

    STUDIO – MASQULIN FEATURING – Darenger McCarthy (https://twitter.com/DarengerM), Jake Nobello (https://twitter.com/jakenobelloxxx) Jake Nobello can’t get over his ex muscle daddy, Darenger McCarthy. So, his friend Alex Montenegro comes up with a plan – a setup – to get them both in the same room and “talk it out”. Sometimes love just needs a little push!