Bruno relaxes Sir Peters semi-hard monster cock by sucking and riding raw!

    STUDIO – MEN AT PLAY FEATURING – SIR PETER and BRUNO MAX What happens when business is good and you’re asked to work long hours with little time to rest and relax? Sir Peter is tired when fellow driver Bruno Max finds him in the employee lounge. Bruno understands all too well; he’s been putting in the hours too – but he also knows how to help his colleagues relax! He has a big task ahead of him – he unzips Sir Peter’s pants and finds a semi-hard monster cock to suck and ride raw.


    Cheeky bubble butt Michael gets handcuffed by Adam and well rammed!

    STUDIO – MASQULIN FEATURING – MICHAEL BOSTON and ADAM RUSSO VIDEO TITLE: Caught Raw-Handed, Part 4 In the stunning climax of Caught Raw-Handed, a shocking revelation about Detective Adam Russo’s true identity puts catfish victim Michael Boston in more than one vulnerable position. But, with yet a second twist to cum, it’s hard to determine who exactly is playing whom. Using the officer’s nightstick, Michael opens himself up — literally — to Adam, who then takes such heavy-handed control of the situation that it leaves a lasting red print on Michael’s amazingly juicy ass cheeks. To take Michael’s mind off the stinging pain, Adam rams his baton in and out…



    STUDIO -BELAMIONLINE FEATURING – Alan Mosca and Torsten Ullman You would think that to be a porn actor you would have to be a bit of an extrovert, and while most of the time this is true, we also get guys that maintain some shyness and quietness no matter how long they film with us. This is the case with Alan today. For him it is certainly not a a negative, and his has been know to use this ‘shyness’ to his advantage on many occasions, like today when he convinces Torsten to give him some more ‘lessons’ (the cheeky rascal has already been filming with us for more than…


    Last scene Rene gets final fuck from Antony.

    STUDIO – BELAMIONLINE FEATURING – Antony Lorca and Rene Ferri We’d like to start today with a little explanation of our programming… Most of the time we run series on a weekly or monthly basis, and then we have collections of scenes that all have something in common that we run in one week.The theme for this week is boys that fall somewhere around our ‘flirting with porn’ category, some a little more, some a little less. In today’s scene Rene Ferri falls into this category and this is the last scene that we have with him.Antony Lorca is the lucky guy to give Rene this final fuck here, and…