Poolside cock throbbers in more “Let’s get Quenched!”

    STUDIO – RAGING STALLION FEATURING – DEVIN TREZ and GUS DEL REY After a dip in the pool, Devin Trez’s thick cock is bulging out of his SUKREW brief. Gus Del Rey takes notice of the throbbing member and strips them both down to suck Devin’s cock. After getting his throat fucked, Gus bends over to give Devin total access to his hole with his tongue. Devin takes his time licking Gus’ hole and cock before laying back and sticking his cock up into Gus’ tight ass. Switching positions, Gus bends over to take Devin’s pole bareback and doggy-style. Devin doesn’t hold back as he pounds away at Gus’ prostate.…


    The Apartment: Zak Gets Some Booty

    STUDIO – PETER FEVER FEATURING – ZAK BISHOP and JEREMY VUITTON Jeremy Vuitton must be getting tired of all these studs looking for Chris, but since he gets his butt plowed with every mistaken visit, maybe NOT? Jeremy’s hit the jackpot when adorable, built blond cutie Zak Bishop wants to “hang out” with Chris. Jeremy offers “Is there anything I can do?” and two horny bareback studs are off to the races. After a kiss and a little grab ass, Jeremy drops to his knees to get a mouthful of Zak’s long thick tool. “Chris sucked a dick better than that, c’mon boy!” Zak challenges, and Jeremy gets to work…



    STUDIO – RAGING STALLION FEATURING – JACK HUNTER and PAUL CANON Jack Hunter and Paul Canon hit the wrestling mat with more than a friendly match in mind. They start it all off with a kiss before the wrestling begins and their chiseled torsos grinding against each other makes them pop bulging boners in their singlets. When Paul sees the bulge that Jack’s got going on, he reaches in and pulls out his growing dick. Paul sucks it hard as he rubs his own cock through his uniform. Paul wants his cock tasted too and tells Jack to get down and suck it. Jack does as he’s told and gets…


    Sampling Their Stepbrothers – Are You Into Dicks?

    STUDIO – NEXT DOOR TABOO FEATURING – DANTE COLLE and CARTER DELROY Dante Colle and Carter Woods have the brilliant idea that they should bang their super cute stepbrothers Carter DelRey and Troye Jacobs. The guys hatch a plan to get the boys in bed. Phase One: Dante sits on the couch in his towel right next to Carter DelRey. He makes sure his stepbro sees his big hard dick, and when Carter sees that meat, it’s game over. Check! Phase one complete.



    STUDIO – NEXT DOOR STUDIOS FEATURING – JAX THIRIO and MASYN THORNE Masyn Thorne had a hard day on the wrestling mat and his coach Jax Thirio wants to see better from him. A lot is at stake for Masyn. If he doesn’t get it together, he could lose his scholarship. Masyn gets to work straight away, pumping iron after hours. It’s only a matter of time before Jax pumps that ass.


    Cute twink couple play hard and fuck hard! Pt 2

    STUDIO – FRESHMEN FEATURING – JAMIE ELIOT and JIM DURDEN Summers in Prague can be really hot. Jim Durden knows this only too well and so takes his friend out for an ice cream. After realizing that it’s not only the weather that’s making them hot and bothered, Jim and Jamie decide to head back to the apartment to deal with their ‘inner heat’.Their pants drop as soon as they get inside the apartment and each gives the other a deep blowjob. Both guys are fully versatile today and Jamie decides to switch roles and let Jim to dominates his ass for once. Jim never likes to disappoint his partner…


    Cute twink couple play hard and fuck hard! Pt1

    STUDIO – FRESHMEN FEATURING – Jamie Eliot and Jim Durden Jim Durden always exceeds our expectations. After making a delicious lemonade for his partner Jamie Eliot and then chasing him around with a water hose, things start to get spicy. When Jamie hurts his arm in the game, Jim has to come up with a sweeter apology than a bitter lemonade.Unsurprisingly, Jim offers Jamie his best assets: his ass and his dick. After some passionate foreplay, Jim dominates his partner’s dick until he shoots a massive cumshot all over his body. As a kind and considerate bottom, he then invites Jamie to fuck him from behind until he can feel…